Why Hope Logan and Liam Spencer Belong Together (the Bold and the Beautiful)

If you watch the Bold and the Beautiful, then you are surely aware of Hope Logan and Liam Spencer’s tragic romance, which is shoved down our throats ad nauseam. Hope and Liam got engaged, were supposed to be married, but then Steffy seduced Liam, so they got married instead. Then, Liam found out the whole thing about Steffy trapping Hopeless in a gondola, and everything just fell apart from there. Now, Liam and Steffy’s divorce is officially final, and everyone has just arrived in Italy for Liam and Hopeless’ wedding.

Now, I cannot stress enough how deeply I dislike the entire Logan bunch, except maybe Donna when she and Pam are out doing fun stuff (going on the Price is Right, setting up deathtraps with ferocious bears, etc.). Other than that, I can’t stand them. Whether it’s Rick being his usual sleazy, arrogant self, or Brooke justifying Hopeless’ psychotic and immature behavior and freaking out in general, or Katie being married to Dollar Bill… NO. I am Team Forrester all the way.

Back to Hopeless and Liam. These two were made for each other. Brooke would say, “It’s their destiny!” What’s the deal, Brooke? Are we Rivendell or something? Destiny?

Hope is hopelessly dumb. Seriously, Hope? You’re going to ask Steffy to be your bridesmaid at your wedding to her ex-husband, less than twenty four hours after the divorce was even finalized? I think someone’s been popping pills again. And you can’t understand why Ridge doesn’t want to make your stupid wedding dress, even though you’re a (supposedly) smart and compassionate person?

Don’t even get me started on Liam. How the heck did this loser end up being the almighty Dollar Bill’s son? This wishy-washy jerk? You’re going to take a call from your loser girlfriend while your devoted and heartbroken wife (who belongs with Bill anyway) is trying to fix your marriage? And Mr. Honesty is hiding the fact that he tore up the annulment papers Steffy actually signed weeks ago from Hopeless? What a hypocrite!

In conclusion, please, for heaven’s sake, let these two have their stupid wedding and please let Steffy move on (with Dollar Bill)! How long can this thing be dragged out? Steffy is far too good for Liam. Let him marry Hopeless and be done with it!



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11 responses to “Why Hope Logan and Liam Spencer Belong Together (the Bold and the Beautiful)

  1. I need pills too if i’m expected to watch the “Hope” show whenever I tune in to BB!! So annoying!!

  2. verna

    im so so glad i found this stuff written about hope logan! finally someone who feels exactly the way i feel about her. i can t stand her! just looking at her makes my skin crawl. steffy is my girl too. love love love her!

  3. ilv hope verymuch let just move on and get over with this act nw liam and hope imeant to be so let just be it nw.steffy sh
    ould suffer she deserve it.

  4. sibabalwe m

    I totally disagree with the writer.Hope has been thru so much in her life,just give her a break,man

  5. Hope needs to move on with liam and get steffy out of Liam’s mind and for good hope will get married and have a family with liam and get rid of steffy Forrester she is infaring in hope and liam life. Taylor is the some just like daughter. I hate the forrester family

  6. I want Brooke to be with Eric I more time I don’t want Taylor with Eric I want her to move out and I want Brooke to move in with Eric

  7. I think Liam and Hope belongs together. Steffy must leave Liam alone. Liam was being stupid torring up the divorce papers and kissing Steeffy get to Hope Liam and mary her.

  8. I think Hope and liam belongs together…. Hope yoU must stop drinking those pills you are going to lose LiAm act like an a adult.

  9. Anonymous

    i knw u lv liam dear:tht good nd u cn make it wrk.dnt lt that bill gt t u.u ar my rock u cn gt through thisss.as for steffy gt a life u lier

  10. Jacks

    these people are not real guys, its fiction lol

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